5 Back to School Breakfast Survival Ideas

Hey busy moms, dads & all caregivers

Besides the warm weather, outdoor fun and long days and nights, summertime is really when us busy caregivers can loosen up a bit on the routine, taking a break from all that comes with the school year – packing lunches, homework, getting kids to bed on time, waking kids up in the morning, after school activities, etc. Getting my kids ready and well-fed in the morning on school days can be more difficult than it needs to be! I find myself having to beg them to get out of bed, get ready and come down in time to actually eat something sensible without swallowing it.

Studies show that kids that eat breakfast actually perform higher academically and athletically. They function better, have more concentration and energy and are generally in better health overall. This is a habit we want to ingrain in our kids at an early age since as kids approach adolescence they are more prone to skip breakfast altogether if this habit wasn’t in place during their school-age years.

I’m happy to share 5 breakfast ideas that have been staples in my family. Planning out breakfasts for the week helped things run smoother in our household. I’m listing these breakfast ideas in order of “I’m not hungry/don’t have time to eat” priority, so that even if kids only have a few minutes before they run out the door, you’ll feel good that you’ve given them the boost they need to get their day started on the right track.

  1. Smoothie: Smoothies are my go-to when kids literally tell me they are not hungry and are refusing to eat breakfast. Packed with fruits, greens, calcium and healthy fats, this can serve as a meal replacement on hectic mornings. You can even make the smoothie the night before, pour the kiddies a glass the morning of and be done! My kid’s personal favorites are Chocolate Banana Smoothie and Berry Delicious Smoothie.


  1. Vanilla Maple Peach Yogurt: Yogurt topped with fruit, granola, honey, and a dash of cinnamon is delicious and so easy to prepare on rushed mornings. To add protein to it, mix a tablespoon of protein powder into the yogurt. The one I recommend that my kid’s love is Nutiva Organic Plant Protein. If you are ready to be adventurous and make your own yogurt, check out this blog post. I was so intimidated by the thought of it and couldn’t believe how easy it is and so much cheaper than store bought brands. Plus when you make homemade yogurt, you can say goodbye to all the added sugar, additives and artificial colors and flavors found in a lot of popular yogurt brands.


  1. Toast: Both of my kids are loving Avocado Toast lately. Toast a slice of whole wheat bread and spread ¼ avocado with a pinch of sea salt. Sliced grape tomatoes are a great addition as well. For my son with a sweeter tooth, one of his breakfast favorites is a sandwich with nut butter, honey, and sliced bananas. Another sweet toast is my Sweet & Crunchy toast where the crunch comes from flaxseed, a superfood that adds a nutty flavor and helps boost brain power. This recipe is also great for lunch or snack as well. View Sweet & Crunchy toast video recipe demo.


  1. Oatmeal: My recipe for Wholesome Heart Warming Oatmeal is super quick to prep the night before, leaving you with a balanced breakfast in the morning in minutes. You can eat this recipe two ways. When it’s cold out, a hot bowl of piping oatmeal is just what I need to get my day started so after mixing the ingredients overnight, I cook it on the stove in the morning. And when it warms up, I prefer making this recipe by mixing the ingredients overnight and eating it raw and cold the next morning after soaking in the delicious flavors at night.


  1. Egg Frittata Muffins: This protein rich recipe will keep your kids full and satisfied until lunch. I came up with a way to put my kid’s favorite frittata recipe into these baked Egg Frittata Muffin cups that I can make a dozen at a time, freeze and pull out and reheat for a couple minutes on busy mornings.


For more recipes like these and so much more, check out my book, “Busy Mom’s Cheat Sheet: Raising Happy Healthy Kids”, now available on Amazon.