Tips On Staying Healthy Within Your Busy Lifestyle

Okay, so here’s the thing. We should never let busyness take priority over health matters because, as you well know, we do need to take care of ourselves. 


There are still days when we can all be super-busy. There’s the school run for starters, and we might have a day at work ahead of us tool. Then there’s picking up the kids from school, appointments to attend, and all manner of other things, especially these days when we are juggling remote school, working from home etc. to contend with as well. 

While our first piece of advice is to try to cut down your busy schedule where possible – here are some other tips that should prove useful if you are still living a super-busy lifestyle. 

#1: Sort out your week’s meals at the weekend

Admittedly, you might be busy at the weekend too, what with family activities and the like taking up your time. Still, try to take an hour or two at some point during the weekend to prepare the week’s meals. A couple of hours in the kitchen might be all it takes for you to cook up a healthy selection of food, and you can then store the meals you make in the freezer. We try to create our weekly menu plan and grocery shop on Saturday and then meal prep on Sunday. This can save you a lot of time in the week, and you won’t need to resort to microwave meals or takeaway foods for you and your family. Check out our recipe section if you need a little inspiration.

#2: Do what you can online

To save as much time as possible, I try to do a lot of my shopping online. Too busy to buy wine? No problem, Winc is wine subscription that ships you wine based on your preferred flavor profile. Here is a link to $22 off promo code to try it out. No time to go shopping in the week? I’ve been ordering produce online from Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods. I buy a lot of healthy snacks and pantry items from Thrive Market and I order organic chicken and beef on Butcher Box. Need to stay on top of your various prescriptions? Don’t miss out on what you need by ordering whatever you can online. Many pharmacies offer online ordering services, so consider the option if it’s available to you, and visit such online stores as if you need to pick up some new specs. 

#3: Plan healthy activities with your family

When you’re planning what to do with the family on the weekend, try to accommodate healthy activities within your schedule. Go for a bike ride or a hike with them, play games at the park, or do something in the garden together. There are loads more family fitness ideas at, so don’t let family time get in the way of exercise time. It is possible to accommodate both and you will all feel healthier because of the things you do together. 

#4: Find ways to exercise during the day

Instead of ferrying your kids to school in the car, why not walk together instead? Or why not bike to school with them? Admittedly, you will all have to get out of bed a little earlier, but the physical activity will soon wake you all up. And consider the same if you’re going to work. Take a walk over your lunch break or an evening walk with the kids after dinner. Use your legs instead of four wheels, and use the deskercise activities listed at if you’re stuck in the office all day. 

These are just some of the ways to stay healthy, despite your busy lifestyle. I’d love to hear how you are balancing your hectic schedule and still finding time for self-care!