A Busy Mom’s interpretation to the Selena Gomez song “Come & Get It”

I don’t know about you but my kids fight most of the time and when they are not fighting, it’s because they’re doing their own thing. I know my siblings and I were similar or at least my mom reminds me as such and now we are all super close. I’m still waiting for that shift!

I realized a lot of what they fight about is fighting for my attention. Everything is a competition or a comparison where one kid better not get what the other kid isn’t getting. For example, if I put one kid to bed and cuddled with him for six minutes the other one better get his six minutes, and the only reason I know it was six minutes is because the other one was secretly timing it!

All this to say that in 2016, one of my resolutions was to have a unique experience with each kid separately that would build our memories together and give them that special quality time they’re craving.

For my younger son, that was this week at the Selena Gomez Revival Tour concert at the Barclay’s Center. He had never been to a concert and both of us love singing many of her songs together. I bought these tickets at the end of January and it has been something he’s been looking forward to for the last three months! Even though I fractured my foot and ankle 10 days before and would have to make special arrangements to get there and be wheelchaired to my seat, the thought of not going would’ve broken his heart and I couldn’t bear that!

As we entered the Barclay’s Center, his eyes were wide open, feeling the excitement of the thousands of people making their way into the arena. During the show he enjoyed munching on some snacks, singing her songs and even propped up to dance for a couple of them. I never realized you can actually dance on crutches – probably not a good idea to try this at home.

As we were making our way out of the arena, he couldn’t believe how loud the music was at the concert, said his ears popped a couple times and loved all the dancing, lighting effects and seeing Selena live.

More than anything it was a special bonding experience for us and I know he’ll have a great life memory of his first concert with his mom in Brooklyn.

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Now it’s my older son’s turn to come up with some ideas on what he wants to do with me. Not sure who’s looking forward to it more — him or me!

So how this is related to the Selena Gomez song “Come & Get It”? The “It” for me are those life bonding memories that make life so beautiful. We need to do what we can to make those moments happen since they’re not going to make themselves. Even taking your child out to get a hot chocolate, lunch, dinner or movie could be equally special and bonding as long as your child knows that you’ve taken time from your schedule to be with him or her alone and devote that quality time sans cell phones and electronics.

What are some things that you’ve done with your kids to show them some special quality moments? Please share in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas! 🙂

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